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Welcome to Room Q-20

I would like to welcome my students and parents to classroom Q-20. This is my fourteenth year with the Jasper County family.  I am a native Gullah descendant of Hilton Head Island, SC. I have taught 2nd-8th grades in Jasper County. I truly enjoy teaching and know my students benefit from my never ending optimism. Please read the attached introduction letter for more information.


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Third Quarter Objectives

English Language Arts 
  • I can summarize an informational text using main idea and details.
  • I can compare and contrast events in primary and secondary sources.
  • I can identify and describe the difference between a primary and secondary account of the same event.
  • I can explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points.
  • I can multiply using a variety of strategies such as partitioned rectangles, partial products, and lattice.
  • I can decompose fractions.
  • I can find the whole when given a fraction.
  • I can add and subtract fractions with like denominators.
  • I can add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators.
  • I can add unlike fractions with tenths and hundredths.
  • I can identify the colors of white light.
  • I can understand the properties of light energy.
  • I can understand the properties of sound
Social Studies
  • I can compare the roles and accomplishments of the early leaders of the United States.
  • I can compare the social and economic policies of the two political parties.
  • I can summarize the expeditions of Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and Zebulon Pike.