School Counseling Department

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                                School Counseling Department


 Students at Ridgeland Elementary School (RES) have  many needs that are addressed through the Comprehensive School Guidance Program.  The primary purpose of the Guidance Curriculum at Ridgeland Elementary School is to provide all students with knowledge of Academic, Career, Personal and Social development. Students receive weekly classroom guidance instruction that highlight each of the aforementioned areas of student development.  It is the goal of the guidance program to prepare students to make wise and healthy life choices.  All lessons are aligned with the State of South Carolina's Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model. Our School Counseling Department focuses on providing optimal counseling services through the following practices:

Individual Counseling (counselors work with students using  personal /social, educational, academic, and  careers).

Group Activities (designed to respond to students’ identified interests or needs).

Classroom Guidance (teaching the guidance curriculum through learning activities).

Classroom Guidance Lessons include lessons on:  Good character, self-esteem, study skills, healthy conflict resolutions, friendship, bullying prevention, social skills, setting goals, feelings, decision making, and  careers. 

Responsive Services (meeting the immediate needs and concerns of students through consultation, crisis intervention, referral or support services information.)  


          Character Trait - Month of August (TBA)



School Counselors:


Reyna Watson (CD-2nd)


Cynthia Higgins (3rd-5th)



Special Events  


Fire Prevention Program - October 11, 2024


Red Ribbon/Bullying Prevention Week- October 23-31, 2024


Angel Tree - December 2024



2025 Events


National Beta Club Induction Ceremony - February


Career Day- March