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Meet Mrs. Duke

Mrs. Duke
Hello!  My name is Cyndi Duke and I am so excited to be the Library Media Technology Specialist for Ridgeland Elementary School!
I look forward to the opportunity I have to provide instruction for your students.  Our library lessons will be valid, enriching, and supportive of other curriculum being disseminated.  
Please don't hesitate to email with any questions, concerns, or comments.  I am looking forward to working with your child to encourage and foster a love of reading for pleasure and information, while also providing the tools necessary to be effective users of information and ideas.
Here are some highlights about me, my family, and where I'm from!
*Was born and raised in Alabama
*Graduated from college and taught in private setting
*Married my childhood sweetheart Chris and moved to Georgia in 1993
*Began teaching 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies
*We had our daughter, Savannah
*Returned to school and earned a Master's Degree in Library Media Technology
*Transferred to high school in my school system as Media Specialist
*Transferred to elementary school in my school system as Media Specialist
*Many years and many experiences with my career
*Our daughter graduated from Auburn University in May of 2016 and was married that summer
*2018 our daughter and her husband Barry blessed us with our precious Granddaughter, Eliza Leigh
*We hated being over 7 hours from them so we began praying for answers to be closer
*June 1, 2020 I retired from the school system in Georgia after 27 years in the same system
*I accepted a contract to be the Library Media Specialist for Ridgeland Elementary School
*We packed up everything we own and put it all in storage units in Ridgeland
*Sold our home in Georgia
*My husband and I bought a Fifth-Wheel and lived in it for 11 months while looking to purchase our forever home in the Lowcountry
*The 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years were like no other I've experienced in over 31 years of teaching
*Excited to see what God has in store for me in Jasper County and Ridgeland Elementary School
*Proud to be a Baby Jaguar!
Look over on the right side and click on Photo Album!  I've shared pics of my family!  :)

What are Mrs. Duke's Favorites?

Color: Green
(all shades)
Beverage: Water or Diet Tea with Lemonade
Food: Pizza or Spaghetti
Dessert: Cake
Snack: Babybel Light Cheese Wheel and Club Crackers
Candy: Three Musketeers
and M & M's
Holiday: Christmas
Movie: Whatever Eliza Leigh is obsessed with
(I have too many of my own favorites)
Book: Whatever Eliza brings me at night
(I have too many of my own favorites)
Hobby: Spending time with family and working on decorating our new home
Restaurant: Japanese or Italian-We are in LOVE with Ryan's Pizza in Port Royal
Style of Dress: T-Shirts and Yoga Pants
Music: 70's to Current
Vacation: Disney World
Disney Character: Winnie the Pooh
Places to Shop:
Target or Amazon
Shoes: Flip Flops
College Sports Team: Auburn Tigers (WAR EAGLE)
Sports: Football and Soccer
Professional Sports: Atlanta United