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Ms. McKee's Second Grade

Welcome to our classroom website! 
     Hi, my name is Lisa McKee. This is my second year teaching at Ridgeland Elementary School. I have been an elementary teacher for 15 years. I am originally from a small town in Ohio. I earned a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma and earned a Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
      I have two children and a granddaughter. I enjoy spending time with my family in Ohio. I enjoy watching baseball and football in my spare time. 


Recent Posts

Spelling Words 2/8/18

1. cannot 7. myself 13. into
2. pancake 8. classroom 14. inside
3. maybe 9. sunshine 15. nobody
4. baseball 10. outside 16.everywhere
5. playground 11. upon  
6. someone 12. nothing  

Spelling Words for the week of 1/8/18

1. own 10. loaf
2. most 11. throw
3. soap 12. coach
4. float 13. so
5. both 14. grow
6.know 15. swallow
7. loan 16. ocean
8. goat  review: don't
9. flow  Word Family:  coat, boat, float, goat

Spelling Words 12/15/2017

  1. free
  2. teach
  3. teeth
  4. please
  5. beach
  6. wheel
  7. team
  8. speak
  9. sneeze
  10. sheep
  11. meaning
  12. weave
  13. eat
  14. read
  15. between
  16. reason

Homework for the week of October 17, 2016

ELA Write Spelling words 3 times each. Read for at least 20 minutes.
Math: Worksheet
Social studies:What Continent do you live on?
Science: What happens to ice when it is in the heat?
ELA- Write Spelling Words in Alphabetical Order. Read for at least 20 minutes.
Math: Worksheet
Social studies: Draw a picture of a hill. 
Science: Give an example of changing matter with heat.
ELA: Write ten sentences and try to use all the spelling words while writing the sentences. Remember to use upper case letters at the beginning of a sentence and an end mark at the end of a sentence.
Math: Worksheet
Social Studies: Draw a picture of a mountain. 
Science: Give an example of how Cold changes matter.
ELA: Have  an adult give you a practice spelling test and sign it. Read for at least 20 minutes.
Math: Worksheet
Science: Give examples of how heat and cold change matter.
Social Studies: Draw a picture of a lake.

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