Dear Families,


Welcome to one of the most exciting years of your child’s schooling.  This is the beginning of new adventures in learning to read, write, and develop socially and emotionally.  It is my hope that through his/her experiences this year they will become lifelong lovers of learning. 











Here are a few areas we will focus on to support your child‘s learning in:





·         Letter names & sound recognition

·         Sight word recognition

·         Shared Reading & Writing

·         Independent Reading & Writing

·         Numbers & Operations

·         Measurement & Data

·         Operations & Algebraic Thinking

·         Geometry


You are invited to become a part of our learning experiences this year by:


  • Reinforcing the learning that will occur in the classroom by looking through your child’s assignments and discussing notes/comments made for improvement.
  • Celebrating every success that your child experiences thereby motivating them to exceed it!
  • Looking for family letters and behavior notes in your child’s agenda each day.
  • Reading our class newsletters that will be sent home regularly highlighting what we learned that week, will learn the following week, and future learning goals.
  • Read to and with your child at least 20 minutes daily. Thereby encourage sight word recognition, reading directionality (left to right) and one to one correspondence as they point to the words to track their reading.  I always tell the children that the more they read the better they’ll read!


I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year, and I trust that success is inevitable if we work together to make it happen. 



Mrs. Mohead J