Wendy Powers » Welcome to 4th Grade Math and Science!

Welcome to 4th Grade Math and Science!

Hello Ridgeland Elementary families!  My name is Wendy Powers, and I am teaching Math and Science for 4th grade this year.
Supplies for Math and Science
Please be sure your child has all necessary supplies for math and science.  Students need their own items, and should not share supplies. This will include two composition books, glue sticks, scissors, and a ruler.  As always, students need pencils and something to color.  I recommend colored pencils for coloring items in their interactive notebooks, and students need their own pencil sharpener.  Students should also have water bottles and hand sanitizer or wipes, because we are still dealing with very hot weather!
Are you trying to reach me?  If you cannot reach me with the email link here on my page, please try [email protected]
Class Dojo is the best way to communicate. Send me an email if you need information on how to access Class Dojo.
I previously taught art at Ridgeland Elementary last year and three years ago, my last name used to be Swisher and it will show up that way on my email.  Private Chat in Teams is acceptable once it is launched, but keep in mind that students who cannot use Teams appropriately will be removed.
If you see a notification from Teams to open it, please do so.  Send me an email if you need your login credentials for the laptops and the websites.  Check them out!  There are also assignments to complete in the Assignments tab.  Write your work down on paper, and send me a photo in Class Dojo or through my email.


All intervention programs and digital platforms should be accessed via the Classlink Launchpad for your desktop. 

Once you are in Classlink, click on the program in which you are to complete work (e.g., i-Ready, Achieve 3000, Edgenuity – Pathblazer (Elementary), Edgenuity (Middle/High), etc.).

For High School ONLY: The only program that is not a single sign-on is ALEKS. Students MUST be provided their login credentials from their teacher. Students will be redirected to www.aleks.com in Classlink to access the content.




January 13, 2022

Hello to my students! School has gone virtual from today until January 20. We expect to return to school on Friday, January 21.  We will begin virtual instruction at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, so make sure you finish all of your work in readworks, splashlearn, flocabulary, and Teams in the Class Notebook.  Check the last few posts in the General channel for login information, or send me a message in Chat if you need any help today.  If you do not have a school device, please call the front office and send me an email at [email protected] as soon as possible, so that I can send you any information you need.  DO NOT USE iReady.

January 7, 2022

Greetings to parents and families!  Thank you for your wonderful gifts and happy tidings for the holidays.  I hope you enjoyed a restful break.  I am updating grades in Schoology, please take a look but some information may still need to be updated. I set up digital work in Microsoft Teams, and assignments in readworks.org, flocabulary, savvasrealize.com and splashlearn.  The links and logins are available in Microsoft Teams in the General page.  Please check the newest messages for the latest information on assignments.  All required work will be in the Content Library section of Class Notebook, and quizzes will be under the Assignments section.  If there are extra copies of any pages, just complete one page ONE TIME.  Students can access Teams, Schoology, and all other programs mentioned here without a school device.  Go to the top and select Employees to access Schoology and Microsoft Office programs.  If you have any questions, please send me an email or a message in Chat.  Have a great weekend!

December 3, 2021

This message was sent home to parents in Class Dojo and is also in Microsoft Teams.
Hello again Ridgeland parents! I hope you are having a happy December! Reports cards will be here before you know it, so please take a look in Schoology for any assignments your child is missing. I will post all of the necessary pages in Teams. They can bring home their workbooks to work on anything they need to finish, but please make sure they bring them back to school the next day! Please do not tear out any pages, and make sure your child has one notebook for math and another one for science. We are working on division and students need plenty of pages to work on problems! I will post this and some photos of fantastic science work on my teacher page. Have a wonderful weekend!
To access Schoology, use your child's school device. You can try using the link in ClassLink. If this does not work, log in and go to res.jcsd.net, and click on Employees. Links will come up, just go to the second page of the links and click on Schoology.

October 22, 2021

Hello Ridgeland families, this is a message from Ms. Powers, your student's math teacher.  I am posting this message to my teacher page, Class Dojo, and Microsoft Teams.  A couple of quick reminders, please have your child practice multiplication tables and make sure students who have devices are completing 30 minutes or more of iReady Math and iReady Reading each day.  If you are still waiting for a device, it may be available this coming week. Students were sent home with a newsletter last week, but just a quick reminder that report cards will go home on Tuesday, October 26.  You should be able to view your child's grade in Schoology, but some teachers may be finishing up grades and comments.  Ms. Douglas and I will be available from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday if you would like to have a conference, so please let us know if you would like to be contacted.  Have a terrific weekend!

September 3, 2021

Hello Ridgeland Elementary students and families!  We will be going live with Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, September 7.  Don't forget that Monday is a holiday, and enjoy your 3-day weekend!
Students will begin the day with Ms. Douglas on her team for ELA at 7:30.  Then we will switch to my team for Math and Science at 10:15.  Please check the full schedule in the Virtual Schedule tab on my webpage.  Many students do not have devices, so please check with the front office to see if there is financial help available for the $35.00 technology fee.  If you still do not have a device on Monday, check here or in Class Dojo for assignments.  Or send me an email if you have any questions.
All staff will be very busy today getting Teams ready and handing out devices.  I have enrolled our students in studiesweekly.com for our science newspaper, in savvasrealize.com for our science workbooks, and I will also set up accounts in readworks.org today.  Student usernames and passwords are the same as the ones used to log into the computers.  All students have new passwords this year, so let me know if you cannot remember your new password!
If you do not have Microsoft Teams already installed - send me an email or a Class Dojo message for the link.
Check out assignments from your Connect teachers for this week too.  Go here to find your teachers!   https://res.jcsd.net/apps/staff/

September 2, 2021

Hi students and parents!  I have heard the good news that many devices were picked up.  Please remember that many students have not, so we are working on Teams.  We expect to be using Teams on Tuesday, September 7 for online instruction.  Please check the virtual schedule.

August 30, 2021

Our expected instructional time while school is closed from August 30-September 10, 2021 is shown in the Virtual Class Schedule tab.  I have signed our classes up for Class Dojo as the best way to communicate with me about announcements and any questions you have. Please look for an email or text.  Send me an email if you haven't received your invitation.
As of today, Teams is not being used.  Please be flexible, that may change very soon.  We are working on making sure students get their devices this week.  Please check out the Websites and Activities for You section for activities to do to keep us on track with math and science. Everybody did great so far, let's keep it up!  We need to do a quiz for the atmosphere and place value, so keep your skills sharp.
Students must use their school laptops to access their online accounts for school.  Click on the Launchpad icon, it's a little blue cloud that says ClassLink on it, and then use Microsoft Office login to access their programs.  More information is shown here and under Websites and Activities for You.