iRead sign on instructions

Start by opening the schools website by typing RES or Ridgeland Elementary.


Next, click on the “Students & Families” link and the “Links/Resources” sub-option. 


Click next to get to the Forth Page. And choose the “System 44” link.


This will take you to this page and your child can log in. Please have your student log in so they can practice the logging in process.


SECOND option ONLY if the school website does not work.

Start out with screen.


Key in “iread student login”. 


Click on the result “Enter the zip code of your school...” You should see this screen.


Enter the zip code “29936”, click ok, enter Jasper County School District”


Click OK


Click on iRead. And you will hear the “Welcome to…” and enter the sign on and then it will ask for the password.


To use a tablet or phone please use the app. The instructions below are provided by

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iRead Mobile Access

The iRead app is available to all students with active program logins. Teachers and students may access the student software on an iOS- or Android-based device by downloading and configuring the app.


Download the iRead App

Download the iRead app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

To access the app, devices must meet the following requirements:


iOS Based

  • iPad 4 or later
  • iOS 10.3.3 or later
  • Headphone recommended (available separately)


Android Based

  • Android 5.0 or later
  • 10-inch screen recommended
  • Headphone recommended (available separately)


Configuring iRead in iOS

Prior to the first launch of the app, tap the Settings icon on the iPad Home Screen. Tap the iRead icon from the Settings menu.Note that the MDM site ID is used only for informational purposes by districts who are deploying the app via MDM, and is not configurable from this screen.


Configuring iRead in Android

After downloading the app, tap the app icon. From the login screen, tap the Settings gear icon on the lower right hand of the screen. From the Settings screen, tap Configuration. In the SAM URL field, enter the district¹s host ID, then tap Enter from the device’s keyboard.


Mobile Device Functionality

Most programs function identically on a workstation or mobile device, with the

exception that users tap buttons and links on the user interface, rather than use a

mouse or pointer as they do on workstations.




Imagine Learning Link

To log into imagine learning click here. Key in the student number as the username AND password. Site Code is 4502520
Your password will be in the Teams Chat & ClassTag message
* The user name and password is the student number-the same as your iReady password.