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About my classroom environment...



I’m so excited to be starting the first year with you and your child. I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is essential for the success of the class and the school. For the rest of the year, I can be contacted through the regular mediums and am happy to assist with any concern that may arise.


Classroom Management

Establishing a good classroom management is essential to each child’s success, confidence, and well-being. Every child should feel that the classroom environment is a safe place and free from all physical/or emotional harm. It is important for each child to develop self-discipline and good work habits in order to resolve conflicts peacefully and to think independently.


My discipline plan includes logical consequences if the classroom rules are broken. For example, no play time during the recess hour, no opportunity to free-play for the day or an extra activity sheet during a specific session.

If classroom rules are consistently broken, you will be contacted by a note in your child’s agenda or phone call.


Please monitor your child behavior log in his/her agenda, by checking daily the color he/she has earned and why. You can assist in reinforcing positive behavior at home by complementing your child on days he/she receives an acceptable color.

On days when your child misbehaves, discuss with him/her the reason (s) why and help them to think of ways to prevent the problem from happening again.


Lets have a great year!!!