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Welcome Back RES Baby Jaguars.
It is my pleasure to serve as your Grade 5 ELA/Social Studies teacher this 2018-2019 school year. I must warn you that I have very high expectations for you (your behavior, your academic performance and your personal growth).
I expect excellence because I KNOW what you are able to do when you give your best. Before we get started, I want to make you some promises:
  • If I ask you to do an assignment, I have already done it. (Check the model.)
  • If I give you a grade, you will understand how you earned it (and how to improve).
  • If I ask you to behave a certain way at a certain time, I will also behave that way and explain why.
  • If I ask about a concept on a test, you will have already seen it, heard it, discussed it and noted it in class.
  • If I ask you complete a task, I am going to grade it and enter it in the gradebook.
  • If you have questions about the End-of-Year exams, I will find you an answer. 
Those are my promises. Now, here is what I expect of you, my students:
  • Expect me to make instructional decisions that will get you to your chosen career. 
  • Expect me to be prepared and knowledgeable about whatever content I teach.
  • Expect me to keep you moving and working from bell to bell.
  • Expect me to quiz you and test you often.
  • Expect me to grade notebooks and consumable textbooks (so don't leave them home).
  • Expect me to know your personal academic levels and growth goals. (I'm watching you.)
It's going to be a great year. As a matter of fact, I DARE YOU to be great. You might just find out that you are exceptional in ways you have never imagined. 
Ms. Timothy, 
Your Instructor


Recent Posts

Substitute Assignments for January 18, 2019

Mrs. Timothy is still home with her son, helping him to work through the flu. The show, however, must go on! Today you are working with Hyperbole and doing some close reading review for Social Studies. Godspeed!
Assignments can be found HERE.

Substitute Assignments for January 16, 2019

Hello! Mrs. Timothy's son has the FLU! So, while I'm away, you will be continuing your study of Figurative Language. You will also take a practice test based on the Progressive Era. Work sharp! The assignments can be found HERE.

Substitute Assignments for January 10, 2019

Good Morning! Mrs. Timothy is in Charleston today, but the show must go on! Today's assignments can be found HERE. They should be completed in class and held for marking tomorrow. Do not turn in the work and make the substitute responsible for your assignment! You are responsible for having your assignment in your binder. 
Happy Working!!!

Personal Narrative Writing Project

Choose ONE experience from Winter Break that you MOST enjoyed. Write a personal narrative (4-5 paragraphs) where you discuss:
Paragraph 1: Setting (place, time and mood); characters
Paragraph 2: Introduction of the Event (What is it; what happens; how often?)
Paragraph 3: Importance of Event (Why was it special? How did it affect you?)
Paragraph 4-5: Future Plans (Same event next year? Changes to event? Different experience?)
Minimum of 3 Pages Required in Drafting:
Page 1: Heading + Question
Page 2: Heading + Narrative Outline
Page 3: Heading + Paragraphing (1st Draft)
Revisions will be written on Day 2.

Substitute Assignments for December 21, 2018

Good Day Parents and Scholars!
Mrs. Timothy is out traveling today. However, I haven't forgotten you! There are two major assignments today that will prepare you for post-break instruction:
  • Figurative Language Overview One, Found HERE
  • Social Studies Chapter 12, Mock Exam Found HERE
Both of these tasks should be completed in class but NOT TURNED IN. Keep the completed work in your binder for me to mark when we return after the break. 
You may work in pairs or group sizes that suit you. You know how to conduct yourselves.
Happy Holidays! Work hard in class so you can enjoy your break. :)

Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and the Meatpacking Industry

Review this video about the meatpacking industry and the role of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle in changing regulations for food.

Child Labor and the Progressive Era

Review the specifics about child labor that were changed once laws and regulations were passed in the Progressive Era.

The End of Literacy Tests, the Poll Tax and the Grandfather Clause

This video is a quick, effective explanation of how these strategies to keep African Americans from voting were eliminated. The Voting Rights Act was JUST PASSED in 1965!
This image reminds you of all the key words, cues and phrases that give us hints about the purpose of a text. If  you see any of these hints while you are reading, you know (almost right away) what the purpose of a text is. 
The purpose of the text is NORMALLY the one for which you find the most key words, cues and phrases. Try this at home for yourself!

Plessy Versus Ferguson, 1896

This video reviews the specifics of the Plessy versus Ferguson ruling, which is an example of laws passed that added to discrimination against Blacks.